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1. To carry on vigorous campaigns and organizational work among members in order to help realize the aims and objectives of the Association, 2. To recruit new members to the Association, 3. To help executive the broad policy, projects and programs of the Association and carry out instructions received from the National Chairman and the National Executive Council, 4. To work closely with government officers, public and private entities involved in community welfare development activities within the Branch area of jurisdiction so as to organize literacy groups, rallies and other activities intended to promote the values and interests of the Association and education appreciation objectives among Kenyans, 5. To submit reports and statements of accounts to the National Executive Council.
Academic Qualifications/Professional Skills/Expertise: 1. Be self-motivated and ability to work under minimal supervision, 2. Be conversant with basic computer/IT know-how, 3. Be people-centric with a passion to be a socio-economic change-maker, 4. Ability to fundraise through socio-enterprise investments, 5. Ability to mobilize and manage people and resources necessary. NOTICE: PAWA is a voluntary membership welfare society and therefore applicants will be asked if they would want to register as members. Registration fee is Kshs. 1,000/- only.
Experience Length Required (Number of Years) 3
Advert Date: 29-10-2023 Advert Closing Date:  15-11-2023
Remarks: This is an equal opportunity employment on first-come basis. Entry level salary is results-oriented and commission based.