Please read the below and indicate if you consent to the same or not
By Signing up and submitting your registration and profile in this NEAIMS portal, I consent that my personal data which is applicable as a Job Seeker/Employer/Private Employment Agency may be used for the purpose of career advice and job placement which includes the following:
1.The storage of my personal/Agency data in the National Employment Authority Integrated Management System (NEAIMS).
2.The storage of my personal profile in NEAIMS.
3.Receiving and processing of my applications for specific job positions by recruiters and responsible Staff of NEA.
4.Contacting me via telephone or e-mail regarding matching job offers, surveys as well as arranging job interviews and asking further questions where applicable by NEA and recruiters
5.Providing me with information regarding the status and outcome of applications made.
6.Use of data as a basis for internal statistics or internal controlling (e.g. number of job seekers/interns employed or who exited services within a particular period).
7.Share of data with other relevant government Agencies for statistical analysis and statutory use among others.
Consent to the above terms means that:
i.You will be able to Sign up, log in, create/update your Agency details in the system
ii.You will be able to receive notifications on (status of application for Licensing/renewal of license) through email/SMS/NEAAPP
iii.You will be able to Submit your Demand Letters/Job Orders for approval
iv.You will be able to receive notifications on your Demand Letters/Job Orders submitted for approval,
You will be able to advertise job opportunities after approval of your Demand Letters/Job Orders.
You will be able to carry out recruitment process of job applicants,
You will be able to update employment status of migrant workers employed through your Agency,
You will be able to generate various reports from the system.

If you consent to the above, please select Yes below in order to proceed to signup as a user of this system. (Yes = Proceed).